War of the Triple Alliance

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War of the Triple Alliance

RELEASE: Wars of Liberty!

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War of the Triple Alliance Team proudly presents...


Long forgotten... now desired!

Who will you be in the scramble for Africa?

The hungry Empires?

The African nations?


Image The wait is finally over! After 10 long years, the mod reaches its final version. Say hello to Age of Empires III: Wars of Liberty. This is a free fan-made modification for Age of Empires III and requires both expansions to work. Wars of Liberty is an update of our previous mod, War of the Triple Alliance. All contents from WotTA can be found in WoL.

The Team & friends

Image In WoL's timeline, the American colonies have revolted and gained their independence. The Natives have resisted the colonization and formed their own nations. The Asians became powerful economic allies, but couldn't be conquered. There was one spot on Earth, however, that was ignored for a long time... We're at the XIX century and all empires have focused their attention on this long forgotten, but now desirable, region.


Image Let the scramble begin!

This mod is set in Africa. The new continent has several new random maps, wild animals, vegetation, coin sources. Enter into business with the local African Commodity traders. Explore these new environments with unique gameplay elements, such as Congo's fog of war that resets all the time and River Nile's water trade route.

Image Meet the new Cultures!

We once had the Europeans, the Native Americans and the Asians. Now, five new cultures, each with unique gameplay systems, unique units and buildings join the scramble!

- The Africans

- The Latin Americans

- The Anglophones

- The Balkans

- The South American Natives


Image Everyone wants a piece of it!

All previous civilizations have been improved somehow with new units and/or new bonuses. But unfortunately for them, now they will have to dispute the new continent with several new nations! We have added Egyptians, Ethiopians, Zulu, Brazilians, Paraguayans, Argentines, Colombians, Chileans, Mexicans, Americans, Canadians, Australians, Greeks, Bulgarians, Serbians, Romanians, Koreans, Tupi, Inca, Mapuche, Danes, Habsburgs, Italians and Belgians.


Image Lots of new content!

WoL not only includes tons of stuff from Africa, but also the entire world! Check out dozens of Random Maps from every region, like Verdon Gorge, Australia and Asuncion. Our new religion system makes priests much more interesting. Spies are now extremely dangerous and tricky. Reach the ultimate age, Great War, and crush the enemy with top-of-the-line tanks, biplanes and others. In WoL, every single civilization gets a theme song that plays at the beginning of the match.


Image Grows over time!

The mod never stops growing - and we will be releasing free content over time, including new civilizations and random maps. The first one we will be releasing is the Maltese civilization.

Image The Throne Room

WoL's unique loader allows the player to choose what mod he wants to play - so WoL can be easily installed in the same computer with the unmodded game, Napoleonic Era, Knights and Barbarians, Wars of Middle Earth and other mods. This loader also allows you to automatically patch the mod, seamlessly getting our latest updates and DLCs. Finally, the Throne Room feature allows you to choose which civs are available to create home cities and which AIs you want to meet in the match.

Image Play team games like never before!

Wars of Liberty is more fun online! Team games become a compelling and competitive alternative to 1v1s. Create team compositions that exploit and combine the aspects of every civ, there's always something new to try. Get creative and win games!



If you tried installing previously and had issues, remember to Uninstall the Throne Room. It also is advised to delete the ''Wars of Liberty'' folder in your AoE3 installation directory from the previous attempt.


(Having trouble? On a Mac? Try a manual installation)


Check our Facebook page for screenshots and videos!

Image @WarsofLiberty

Check our Twitter for quick news and fun!

Image @WarsofLiberty

Check our Forum for Wars of Liberty discussions!

Image WotTA Forum


Image Frequently Asked Questions


Image Preguntas frecuentes


Image Perguntas frequentes

Last Updated on Saturday, 30 January 2016 17:43

Welcome to WotTA!

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Welcome to War of the Triple Alliance!

The greatest modification for Age of Empires III.
  • 9 new civilizations have been added: Brazilians, Paraguayans, Colombians, Argentines, Mexicans, Americans, Canadians, Tupi and Koreans.
  • 40 new random maps have been included. The WotTA-only ones can be found in the main list; the others, by clicking on "Custom Maps" at the skirmish screen.
  • 9 new Native Settlements can appear on the new maps. They are: Bandeirante, Republiqueta, Quilombola, Guarani, Guaicuru, Aymara, Pirate, Order of Christ and Sertanejo.
  • Age up to a brand new age: The Great War age. At age V you can research a new tech, Great War, that will enable World War I-themed units such as zeppelins, airplanes, dreadnoughts, tanks, and several new techs.
  • Two brand new cultures: Latin Americans and North Americans. Each with an exclusive gameplay!
  • Church completely redesigned. When playing as Europeans, Latin Americans or North Americans, you can adopt a religion and enable the redesigned priest and multiple religion-specific techs! There are 10 different religions to choose.
  • Revolutionaries redesigned. New bonuses, new politicians, new units!
  • Spies completely redesigned. Now available to all civs but Latin Americans, use them to attack stealthy in several ways.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 19 October 2011 00:22

Cañón Dorado

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The Cañon Dorado was a heavy and very precise cannon. It was made almost entirely of bronze, most of the time old pieces re-casted on factories. It had two types of ammunition: the traditional cannon ball and the more frightful canisters full of shrapnel. During the War of the Triple Alliance, the Cañon Dorado was mainly used by the Paraguayan army, who handled it as a powerful and intimidating piece of artillery ready to take its toll on unprotected enemy troops.


Ingame, the Cañón Dorado is the Paraguayan heaviest artillery, only available through the Imperial Age up or through cards, it deals massive quantities of damage and it's very resistant... for a cannon.



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With the Arrival of the Spaniards and the subsequent introduction of the horse, the Mapuche military strategy changed drastically in an incredibly short span of time. It was thanks to the innovations of Lautaro, who introduced the use of horses in their ways, and later the formation of specialized cavalry units that it became such an important part of the Mapuche lifestyle.

One of such specialized cavalry formations is the Winitufe, meant to be race horses and using long range attack, these cavalrymen quickly favored the bola while in combat, being deadly to both enemy cavalry and hunt.

Ingame, the Winitufe is the main and only ranged cavalry unit of the mapuche, being available from colonial age, it has a bonus against both artillery and cavalry, this comes at a cost though, since it's an expensive unit, and as such should be treated with care.

Last Updated on Sunday, 23 December 2012 03:37


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Soldaderas were female warriors that took part in the Mexican Revolution against Porfirio Diaz. They were as fearless as men, sometimes even more courageous than them, and their equipment usually consisted of a rifle and two bandoliers. They did not just fight, but they also served as cooks, nurses or even provided sexual and emotional comfort to the fighting Mexican irregulars.


Ingame the soldaderas serve the function of being the mexican skirmishers, though somewhat weaker and costlier than your average skirmisher, they make up for this with the fact that they can heal, though slowly, nearby units, providing a powerful boon to the other, already strong, mexican infantry units.

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